Dear God

I never wrote to you before, but there’s something I have to get off my chest.

You created the light and the dark, day and night. And that’s fantastic, don’t get me wrong. The sunrise is a tender and soft welcome to a newborn day, every day. The first cup of coffee in the garden, steaming solice on the bench with a friend on your side. Dewdrops, a fading memory on the grass. The final chord of the day, a mesmerizing sunset. The stars that shimmer one by one to brighten up the universe. Peace lands upon the moonlit campfire that warms friends who traveled a same path. Good job, God. Really.

And then – was it the fourth day or the fifth, I lost count – on came the water creatures and the flying species. Pure genius! The song of the blue whale travels for miles. Birds beat their wings across the globe just to lay one single egg. Miraculous, God. How did you come up with that?

And so you kept going: seas, islands, a bit of creating here, a bit of doodling there. Even man. To your image, for go(o)dness sake.

And suddenly, on the seventh day, you took a rest. Not because you were tired, no. Not even to park your lazy bum, read the paper. Take a breath, snap out of it and then chop chop back to work. No. You said that all was good. Yes, that’s what you said: all is good. Everything was perfect. You were perfectly happy. Man should rule over all other creatures from now on.

Well, God. I don’t mean to mock your creation, but that ruling isn’t going quite so smoothly lately. Great leaders are scribbling false promises, shake fake hands and plunge their full bellies onto golden thrones as if it were day seven. Meanwhile scanty armed children are marching to great wars. Bombs blast craters where a bench used to be, solice is lost. The light is a molotov in a mosque at night, the dark is a shelter where a motherless child hides.

Therefore, God, I never wrote to you before, but today I have one question. Can you, just this once, make it an 8-day workweek?
And then say: all is good.

Thank you in advance.



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