What Are the Rules of Engagement in a Relationship

Honesty and openness are the hallmarks of any successful relationship – and it`s important to ask yourself if your partner has ever violated your trust. “Cheating before a commitment can be a wake-up call for relationship instability,” Henry says. “I don`t have a `once a cheater, always a cheater` mentality, but infidelity can be a characteristic of both partners who are not open and honest with each other about their needs in the relationship.” Strong communication between couples means that the relationship is strong. This means that you always stay in touch with the person you are with, whether you are a million miles away or not. Here are some actions that can cause your relationship to fail. Do you have rules of engagement in your relationship? If so, we`d love to hear from yours! CARE AND APPEARANCE – Men and women should really take the time to take care of their personal appearance. Take care of yourself and don`t take your personal well-being for granted. An Igbo proverb says that if you don`t care about your beautiful appearance, it will fade. People in a relationship need to make sure they take good care of their appearance and health, with the encouragement of the other partner. Neglecting your appearance can affect a relationship. And of course, we also have the opportunity to socialize our own milestones, with some of us taking special care to capture the most flying images of ourselves in [insert place] with our Black Girl Magic hashtags and unfiltered bends.

It has become a lifestyle. And believe it or not, we have welcomed more and more people into our lives with every message and legend. We disseminate personal data about who we are and who we are. We do this seamlessly and at the touch of a button. Thus, our platforms talk to people about our values, our goals and the things that matter most to us in this life. In addition to navigating through life-changing decisions, Henry explains that couples should make sure they`re on the same page about how their relationship should look like on a daily basis. As we approach this stage of life, Racine suggests determining with your partner “how they want to spend time, how they balance other relationships with family and friends, and what each partner needs to feel happy in marriage.” Also, be sure to create a new foundation for the revived relationship. Don`t base it on the old foundation because something in the old foundation caused the separation, and you will find yourself in the same situation. Also, don`t get into the old relationship, especially if you`ve both just broken up. Take time for yourself, see others and see how you feel afterwards. Give it at least six months before you can really realize that this is what you want. For example, I can say to my husband, “Hey, I don`t like the amount of your mail piling up in the living room.

I`m not sure what you need and what you don`t need. Can you please browse through it and archive what you need to keep and clean it? » REQUIREMENTS – One thing that can ruin a relationship is a situation where one partner makes unscrupulous requests to the other partner. Not only are the requirements set, but they are also expected to be met when hell or flooding arrives. Making unnecessary demands can lead to an irreversible breakdown of the relationship, as the other party may find it physically and emotionally exhausting. 1. No swearing, reprimands or insults. This brings unnecessary aggressiveness and negativity to the argument. Abuse is disrespectful and should honestly be eliminated from your life in general. It`s never productive.

Well, one should also avoid trying to circumvent the rules by using “I statements” like “I feel like you`re behaving like a $#@”. I`m not proud to have tried this! Laughing out loud. Honesty in a relationship doesn`t jump out the window when it comes to your opinion. Just say, “Hon, I love you, but this outfit doesn`t suit my taste.” She will thank you at some point. Girls who cannot handle their husband`s negative comments are only denying the truth and opening up to a number of future problems. FLIRT – If you are in a serious relationship, avoid being a flirt. You may find flirting funny and maybe not mean if you flirt. However, if your partner thinks you are both in a serious relationship, he or she won`t take it nicely and take my word for it, flirting is a breakup factor for most relationships. RESPECT – For relationships to thrive, the parties to the relationship must have a healthy respect for each other.

When a partner considers that the other is between him or does not meet his standard, wahala of. This is a safe recipe for a breakup in a relationship. Respect for each other as a person and respect for each other`s opinions are very important. They can agree to disagree in mutual respect. Sex is great in any relationship. However, it cannot be the basis of a relationship. Sex is an added bonus that is important for keeping the relationship healthy, but it`s not healthy to make it the basis. As a result, the passion quickly disappears. I can`t control my ability to meet the right person in my favorite time frame (but sometimes I really wish I could). Instead, I focus on becoming the person I want to be now and in my next relationship. DESPAIR – Couples in a relationship should let the relationship go with the flow. Honesty should be what every relationship is rooted in.

If a couple is honest with each other, there won`t be any need for a partner to act as if they`re desperately trying to move the relationship forward. Desperate actions such as trying to lure someone into a marriage can scare the other partner. No one should act desperately in a relationship. What will be. What will be, will be. SELFISHNESS – Relationships cannot thrive on selfishness. Couples really need to take care of each other for love to grow. Empathy is very important in every relationship. Couples should have empathy for each other. Selfishness is a no-no. So what happens when someone else enters our lives? Someone like a life partner or a partner? Do you jump at the first opportunity to post photos of the two of you on Instagram in all your #relationshipgoals? Or are you slower to make your online debut as a full-fledged couple? Or maybe the idea of posting someone else on your profile gives you real anxiety – lest that person not be an integral part of your life.

It`s important that you and your partner first discuss (and hopefully agree) life`s most pressing issues. .