What Documents Do I Need to Get a Carte Vitale

Hi Karlie, definitely get a bank account first, this is what you need to do it all! Then, ask for your carte vitale. Unfortunately, I`ve never been an automotive entrepreneur, so I don`t know how it works, but you should join the expat page in Paris on Facebook and ask there, I`m sure someone will have the answer for you if you work for an employer, they should ask for a Social Security Number (NIR) for you 🙂, If this is not the case, you will need to contact the CPAM office that takes care of your area. If you are self-employed, you must contact the ISS. Any person residing in France but not exercising a gainful activity (unemployed or retired) must apply to the CPAM as described above. Here is the list of documents to send to the form: Thank you for taking the time to write it. In my experience (recently PACing and change of driver`s license), the administration in France is very good at telling you what documents you are missing in an application instead of advising you on what you need! This saved me hours of research and dead ends. I will share this link with many expat friends. I will come back and let you know the timelines. I just hope that everything happens before Brexit!!!! The best way is to find your nearest office (you can do this with ameli.fr) and hand over the documents in person.

To find your nearest office, go to ameli.fr and click on YOU ARE INSURED, on the next page that appears, you will see YOUR CASHIER in a blue tab in the upper left corner. Click on it and enter your postal code. On the next page that appears, you will learn which cash register you need to go to and give their opening hours and contact details. Hi Marzi. Unfortunately, I don`t know how I can help you. I don`t think you can open your Ameli account until you have your vital card number, so it makes sense to me that you can`t access it yet. I would simply send the photo and a copy of your ID by mail (registered letter of course) and leave from there. Usually, you put it in the envelope they sent, which can already be stamped and ready to use. You can, of course, put it directly in your mailbox if you live near your nearest CPAM office. I am a Canadian and Italian/EU citizen. I lived in Canada, where I was born, and now I live in Paris.

I need a social security number and my carte vitale. I`m also a micro auto entrepreneur, so I don`t have a paycheck. What should I do first? It sounds so complicated, especially if you don`t speak French (yet). If there is no direct payment from your health insurance company, you must send your insurer the payment receipt you will receive from the health system, the reimbursement statement. In the meantime, you can check the status of your order on your Ameli account in My steps >> Track my vital card order. 2 to 6 months after applying, you can expect to receive your permanent number. I got mine about 3.5 months later. You can now open an Ameli account and apply for your physical Carte Vitale. Hello. Thank you for this clearly written article. I have had a Carte Vitale for many years and under an S1+ for 10 years as a relative of my wife. Sadly, she passed away recently, but I now have a new S1 that came to my name today.

Since I have/have had a Carte Vitale, I already have an SS number. If so, where can I find it, or do I need to request it and where can I send them my If in the system? Thank you for all the help you can give me. Greetings John The level payer system is only possible if you have your carte vitale. Hi Don, I think you`ll want to send the valid one, but you can always send both with a note that explains to be sure. You just need to copy the pages with your photo/info/signature. You will need to send a set of documents with the application form. You can find all the details in French on the second page of the application form, but here it is in clear English: you now have two options to apply for a Carte Vitale: on paper or electronically. When they sent you the permanent number, they also gave you a paper to fill out and attach a photo ID and return by mail to apply for your Carte Vitale. The easiest option is to do it online. Once you have your Ameli account, you can upload an image for the map and request it directly on the website.

It takes about 1-2 months to receive your card in the mail. Since January 1, 2016, France has set up a universal health system called Universal Health Protection (or PUMA) for anyone working or living in France. Now, anyone who has been here for three months or more and has a suitable visa can get a carte vitale. So I applied for my social benefits as an assistant doctor and not as the wife of my French husband. Here`s how I did it. Hi Malcolm, you shouldn`t need a Social Security number to pay taxes, and even if they ask you for one, you should be able to enter your 000 number. This number is given to you if you work in France but you do not yet have a number, companies usually give you a temporary number, but since you are independent, you only have a zero number. Unfortunately, I don`t know how to get a Social Security number when you`re self-employed because you don`t have pay.

It might be able to www.ameli.fr/fileadmin/user_upload/documents/Diaporama2b_bilingue.pdf Hi Anoop, it depends. Do you have a job here? If you can prove that you have a job in France and submit three months of pay slips, you can apply for a carte vitale. ARGH! I have been in France for almost 9 years. FINALLY I applied for my Vital Card. Completed all forms correctly and provided ALL required documents. After three months, the entire application was returned to me with a letter asking for proof that I had paid the tax since my arrival and asking for tax returns. I brought it all back to my local CPAM office with proof of housing tax payment, and a VERY (VERY) rude woman told me I was not eligible; She called the woman (CPAM office in Nantes) who had rejected my application and sent her back – and had a long conversation. No other explanation. I will talk to a lawyer. Hello Vladimir, do you have any news on your map now? It may take some time, have you called to check your file? Did you send all the documents? If you have not sent the documents, the permanent number will not be sent to you. If you have reached the statutory retirement age and are receiving a UK pension, you should contact the Department for Work and Pensions` International Pension Centre on 0191 218 7777 to obtain an S1 and then forward it to the CPAM using the form.

If you are a pre-retiree who is receiving a private pension and you cannot receive an S1, you will need a letter from the same organization to indicate that you are not eligible for an S1 for the CPAM to treat yourself under PUMa. Every time you go to the doctor, pharmacy or laboratory, you will receive a care sheet. You must send your care sheet to your local CPAM until you have a carte vitale. You must fill out an application form called “Application for health insurance entitlement” with all the necessary information about your situation and send it by mail with all the supporting documents attached to the mailbox of your CPAM regional office (primary health insurance fund is the local level of the National Health Insurance Administration). Hello! I have French nationality, even if I have never lived in France. I will be moving there next year, can I apply when I get there or do I wait 3 months to apply for carte vitale? Do I need 3 payslips? I`m lost for everything! Thank you! May I ask, my son had a Vital Card when we moved here 13 years ago, after school he went back to the UK but came back (he is now a 26 year old man) and we need to renew his card, do you have any advice on that? PLEASE P; S; He has a job in the UK but works from home? How to explain it? Thank you and best regards E Prepare your file. For your Carte Vitale application, you need: For retirees leaving other countries for France, you may need to take out private health insurance. I will give CPAM all the required papers in September 2019 and still no temporary number or carte vitale. You have requested more information to continue. Sometimes. I have not been in the Swedish system since July 2019.

And I really need it. I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis since 1998 and my health is deteriorating. Who can help me? Source: www.ameli.fr/assure/remboursements/etre-bien-rembourse/carte-vitale I am French who lived and worked in the United Kingdom but who also worked in France for 8 years before settling in England. .