What Makes Company Unique

What makes my business unique is good – or because? – I can`t stand the business, my business has been around for almost 30 years, is debt-free and still profitable. As a clinical psychologist, I invented a simple electronic device that allows people of all ages to make the desired changes in their own behavior and habits. After scratching my head for a while, I came to the conclusion that to give my invention the best chance of reaching as many people as possible who could benefit from it, I really needed to start a business. The problem is that I knew almost nothing about the company, and honestly, the little I knew I didn`t particularly like. Still, I wanted my invention to succeed, so I jumped from head to toe, found a business partner, and continued to play an intense learning game. We raised enough money for engineering, testing and manufacturing, but I was faced with a dilemma. Even as a reluctant businessman, I now had an obligation to investors to run a successful business (spelled p-r-o-f-i-t-a-b-l-e). But as a psychologist, I was always primarily motivated to do something good for people, which I wish I could do without taking their money. It wasn`t easy, but in the end, I found a way to stay true to my values as a benefactor without neglecting my obligations as a businessman. I run the business as if it were a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing as much value as possible to the lives of our customers. We do not hesitate to help our clients achieve excellent results.

We are in no hurry to expand our business. In fact, we kiss slowly and steadily. (We are like the turtle in the race against the hare. We may still be crawling, but the rabbit had a heart attack and died years ago!) We rely almost exclusively on word of mouth to sell our product, not because we are too cheap to advertise, but because we don`t like to persuade people to buy for reasons of conscience. We prefer to wait until they have persuaded themselves to buy and pick us up. It turned out that we, Miracle of Miracles, by allowing the benefactor`s goals to sit in the driver`s seat, also did very well in business. In addition, we sleep terribly well at night. Targeted competitive research can provide a treasure trove of information and give you an immediate idea of who and what you are dealing with. For example, if you launch a Google AdWords campaign and tout “reliable internet” as a key feature, but one of your competitors mentions “super-fast Wi-Fi,” if Wi-Fi is important to your target audience, you`ll lose that particular battle every time. What is your unique difference that drives your clients to work with you? The physical appearance of your business has its own story to tell.

A customer may not remember what was being talked about when they came to your office to visit, but what the place looked like might be their only lasting memory. What distinguishes your overall appearance? Why are things presented the way they are? Answering these questions can give you valuable information. Having multiple methods of contact is always an important thing because customers want to achieve the way they feel most comfortable. For some people, this means that they want to contact us by e-mail via the Internet. Some want to be able to get instant help via chat or phone. The more options you have, the better it will be for your customers. The easier it is for them, the more you`ll know what makes your business unique when you`re there, when you need it. In cases where feedback is somewhat limited, we help develop a feedback collection process, including organizing small focus groups, creating client surveys, and conducting short telephone interviews.

The secret to creating your differentiation or unique selling proposition (USP) is to understand what your ideal customer really wants and make sure you deliver them better than anyone else. Don`t be fooled – this exercise is not easy to do. It takes a lot of thought, brainstorming, and sometimes trial and error to see what works. Sometimes we are simply too close to our stores to really see the differentiating quality that sets us apart. The website you have for your business is a crucial part of the process. Your website is one of the biggest ways people will find you. But being alone isn`t the only piece of the puzzle. Once they`ve found your website, you need to have a way to keep them there, right? Having an amazing website will help with this process and you will definitely stand out from your competitors.

Far too many people think that it is enough to create a single website, and so they settle for something below average. That`s definitely not what you want to do. GiftAMeal is a start-up focused on both financial and social awareness. The ability to make a difference while working with restaurants to improve them is a distinctive combination, and we pride ourselves on our ability to show that business and philanthropy don`t have to be mutually exclusive. The premise of our business model is as follows: We work with various restaurants across the country (these restaurants pay a fee to be part of our platform). If one of our app users eats at one of our partner restaurants and takes a photo with our app, we donate a meal to a charity through a local food bank, and if they post it on social media, we give an extra meal. GiftAMeal is therefore unique in that our main goal is to help those who need it, but we do not sacrifice the effectiveness of our business model. We work to make both a difference and a profit. Companies that are very successful always have something special, something that sets them apart from the competition, something that is imbued with the whole culture, something that everyone in the organization knows how to represent, something you can recruit for, something that is referenceable, something that holds talent, something that creates organizational pride, and something, that everyone stands for.

This something makes them unique. This is the essence of leadership and it is the responsibility of the general manager to identify and lead it both in his organization and in his clientele. Growing your USP starts with deciding where your business is superior. Then you decide that you will become even better at it. To develop your personal USP, first answer three questions: What problem do you solve? What is your solution? How does your solution work? In one sentence, your unique selling proposition would look like this: “Do you know how (problem)? Well, what we do is (solution) through (as you do). Here`s an example of USP I recently developed for our company www.refermeiq.com “Do you know how businesses and sellers need new customers but hate spending tons of money on advertising? Well, what we do is automate an unlimited number of referrals without the embarrassment of personal requests with ReferMeIQ.com. Interested parties usually don`t consciously come to your company and don`t look for your USP. But they ask, “Why should I use you against someone else?” When someone considers your products or services and asks, “Why should I use you?” Would you have a fascinating, compelling and memorable differentiating answer? Most companies don`t and that`s a problem. Because without the ability to quickly separate in the head of a potential customer, you lose both the customer and the future recommendations they might provide. In addition, many companies make the mistake of answering the question of “uniqueness” with platitudes such as “We are excellent at service” or “We offer high customer satisfaction”.

These answers are not unique, they are simply general expectations that customers have of all companies. We cannot stress this step enough. Once you`ve identified your unique value proposition, create a series of targeted marketing campaigns to see which sales features and messages are getting the best results. Similar to the customer reviews already mentioned, this is also crucial to check if your points of differentiation are reaching your target audience. Providing quality content and sharing your information and knowledge with others is another way to present yourself as an expert. You can create things like books, podcasts, videos, training materials, courses, etc. that show people everything you know about your area of expertise. By providing free content, they can also see what you have to offer, and they`re even more likely to buy something from you. Everyone should then easily realize that what makes your business unique is the high quality you provide. By specializing in a specific customer niche, you can focus on skills or services that only benefit that customer.

If you`re the best at providing a solution to their unique situation, you can maximize sales and build stronger relationships with customers. At Modern da Vinci, we believe that small businesses are the innovators, outliers and backbone of our nation. We believe that with better leadership, small businesses can grow in a targeted and rapid manner. Leading a business to success is a skill that can be taught and learned. Through our model, we help small business owners plan their path to growth and success while identifying weaknesses in their strategy and leadership. From there, we provide the tools, articles, courses, and training to turn these weaknesses into strengths. Finally, we turn this planned learning into performance with real feedback and coaching. Modern da Vinci follows this model – Learn – Realize via a membership page. .