Which Verb Would Make This Statement an Example of Personification

“The Monkey`s Paw” is a rare story, as the theme is actually stated in the story. Sergeant Major Morris told the whites that the old fakir who put fate on his paw said, “Fate governs people`s lives, and those who interfere with fate do so to their great sorrow.” The news is a warning, but Mr. White does not believe it. Although Sergeant Major Morris makes it clear that he has tried to wish with unfortunate results, and is trying to throw his paw on the fire, Mr. White wants 200 pounds, only to find out that he receives the money when Herbert dies in a factory accident. According to the fakir, his son lost his life because Mr. White wanted something he shouldn`t have. The second wish Mrs. White encourages him to make is Herbert`s return – a week after his death.

When the strange knock on the door begins in the windy night, M. White Panic believes that Herbert, previously deceased but still mutilated, may have returned home from the cemetery and is now at the door. Fearing what his wife will find when she opens the door, Mr. White makes his third wish – that the noise stop. I am confused, I do not see a speech unless you want to say it, he uses his three wishes and to his great sorrow, loses his son and disappoints his wife, who ardently believed that his son was at the door. She wanted him to come back, regardless of his condition. .